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It has been a bittersweet journey to say the least. As a survivor of a child's suicide one can not begin to tell the story without the many traumatic and painful remembrances, along the way. It started for me, April 5, 2003, when my son, Kaniela, who was a senior in high school, two months before graduation, took his life, died by suicide. As I write this page, this day's date is March 30, 2018 and tomorrow is Kani's birthday. Five days later it is his memorial date. The tape plays all over once again, in my mind as I write this. It's never-ending and right under the surface. However, as most will say, "Life goes on!" For most, yes it does, for some who have experienced degrees far more than others could ever imagine in their loss by suicide. Ttake a longer time, full of complexities, unimaginable. And with that we continue to support as best we can.

As a group we connect with resources that help to bring the training to community. Provide events and opportunities to meet, volunteer, learn about ways in which one can take an action step to STOP SUICIDE.

For more information contact Lily Cabinatan - [email protected] or Pua at [email protected]


ALOHA heals us, ALOHA lifts us, and ALOHA will carry us into the future. "Aloha kekahi i kekahi" Let us love one another.



Lily Cabinatan is a full of life, action oriented, well connected resident of the Wai`anae community. She loves her community and everyone in it, with a fierce passion. There are no barriers fronting Lily. When she sets her mind on something, stay clear!

Lily reach out to Lili`uokalani Trust, Wai`anae Kipuka and ask for help to STOP SUICIDE in her beloved community! She had attended her friends grandson's funeral. And had also heard of other youth's (her student/s) that took their lives. Being an action oriented individual that she was...

Two meetings took place in the fall of 2016, where approximately 40+ community concerned residents gathered, They came up with strategies they wanted to move forward with - Training and Loss Support Group.

Fast forward this mo`oleo to today (2018), presently there is an ongoing monthly meeting in Wai`anae for the purpose of Suicide Prevention.

Reaching Out

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